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ia fight, Ben Morrow, Bill Hulsh and I went to where Q


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uantrell and Jim Little were in the woods. Jim was much better by this time, so that Quantrell could leave him and he came back to us


in Jackson County, where we swam the river on our horses near Saline City. After we had crossed the river we went to a house to get breakfast an


d dry our clothes. Quantrell wanted to intercept General Price who was on a raid and have a consultation with him. At this ho


use we discovered some Federal clothing—caps, etc.—in the hall and asked whose they were. We were told they belonged to some Federal soldiers who had stayed there through the night and attended a dance. We captured them at once and swore th


em out of service. We then went on to intercept Price at Waverly, Saline County, Missouri, where arrangements were m


ade for Quantrell’s men to take the advance clear on up through Fayette and Jackson Counties, and up thro


ugh Kansas City. We were in advance all of the way from that time until Price started south, and we went with him, a


bout one hundred miles, almost to the Arkansas line, and turned back to Jackson County. Death of Todd and Anderson,


October, 1864 CURTIS’ heavy division, retreating before General Price all the way fr

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recklessly the two companies of Todd and McCoy. Next to Shelby’s right rode Todd and upon his

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left was McCoy. Close to these and near to the front files were Colonels Nich